This is Bad News for O’Toole

Meet Erin O’Toole: Reviews are in and they don’t look good

February 24, 2021

Just months into his leadership, Bay Street Conservative Erin O’Toole is already trying to reinvent himself. But the public is seeing right through him. And the more Canadians learn about the real O’Toole, the more we see bad news growing– and even worse reviews – about his leadership. 

Check out what people are saying about Erin O’Toole. 

"...voters won’t be fooled by all that talk of a shift to the middle. To O’Toole’s regret, they’ll sniff it out for what it really is: “Fake news.”
(Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star)

"The events of the weekend are likely to aggravate a sense of exasperation among centrist voters across Canada."
(John Ivison, National Post)

“It shows weakness in O’Toole’s leadership”
(The Telegram Editorial)

“The Conservative leader's policy speech was long on cue card rhetoric, short on actual specifics."
(John Robson, National Post)

“It’s about Mr. O’Toole’s character, and his floating political identity [...] he will say anything to get elected, and do what he wants once he is there”
(Campbell Clark, Globe and Mail)

“The Conservative Party is a house divided heading into its policy convention this week – and a number of senior Conservatives are pointing the finger of blame at O’Toole and his team for engaging in divisive tactics...[O’Toole] has created discord where none existed.'"
(John Ivison, National Post)

“It’s less common for a party to be a week from a national convention and—two? Three? Six?—months from a general election and have no idea what the party will propose on major issues...There’s frustration with his leadership.” 
(Paul Wells, Maclean's)

“...O'Toole has not made a good first impression on Canadians. Polls suggest his own personal ratings are off to a worse start than Scheer's were in 2017.” 
(Éric Grenier, CBC)

"It would be tempting to put the decrease mostly down to a failure to launch on the part of Erin O’Toole...the notion that the shoes Andrew Scheer left behind were so big that his successor is at a loss to fill them borders on mind-boggling." 
(Chantal Hébert, Toronto Star)

"Even within his own party, the Conservative leader is increasingly viewed unfavourably..." 
(Philippe J. Fournier, Maclean's, O'Toole's Numbers Sour)

"The country is in a pandemic, a recession and deep debt, and Canadians are feeling vulnerable...Mr. O’Toole’s Conservatives are still fighting amongst themselves over abortion, Derek Sloan and cancel culture. Canadians will see Mr. O’Toole dealing with his party’s concerns rather than theirs." 
(Campbell Clark, Globe and Mail)

"Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole needs to do a better job...The party has no coherent position on the issues that matter most." 
(John Ibbitson,The Globe and Mail)

"[J]ust seven months after he was elected as leader, there are signs he’s created significant internal longtime party insider told National Post they haven’t heard this much caucus turmoil since Stockwell Day was in charge."
(Brian Platt, National Post

“The question for the Conservatives is whether ‘Just Erin’ is enough — and whether anyone is listening amid a generational public health and economic crisis…And three separate sources told the Star that morale within the party’s caucus is low, with MPs anxious…” 
(Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star)

“His sound bites were light on content, but the language was more than a little Trumpian.” 
(Editorial, Globe and Mail, “Erin O’Toole is caught between a rock and a hard base)

“Conservatives' Erin O'Toole hitting turbulence after six months as party leader.” 
(Stephanie Levitz, Canadian Press.)  

“Justin Trudeau’s ratings might be dropping while vaccines aren’t plunging into arms, but O’Toole’s not rising because of it.”
(former Harper director of communications Andrew MacDougall, Ottawa Citizen.) 

“The difference between the personality O’Toole presented to Conservative members in the leadership race and the personality he’s presenting to Canadians as a federal election approaches is spectacular” 
(Paul Wells, Maclean’s)

“…that [Cheryl Gallant] is allowed to remain within a party that claims to represent Canadian values is an insult to traditional conservatism, and to Canadian democracy.” 
(Michael Coren, “Erin O’Toole must crack down on the latest extremist in his camp,” iPolitics)

“Poll after poll show him trailing … particularly in vote-rich Quebec and Ontario, where he is doing no better than his predecessor, Andrew Scheer.” 
(John Ivison, National Post)

“The notion that your party is in any way affiliated with the political movement behind last week’s attack on American democracy is something that deserves a strong, sober response, not a lame equivocation.”
(“Erin O’Toole has an odd way of distancing himself from Donald Trump,” Emma Treitel, Toronto Star) 

“…unfavourable views of CPC leader intensify” 
(Angus Reid

“...even more people have soured on leader Erin O’Toole, according to Abacus.” 
(John Ivison, National Post) 

“…only 32 per cent of Canadian voters hold a favourable view of the Conservative leader—what essentially amounts to the CPC voter base...negative views of Erin O’Toole are 11 points higher [than Scheer] at a similar mark..."
(“The Conservatives are still not gaining where they need to,” Fournier, Macleans) 

“Erin O'Toole's decision to issue a 595-word statement about his political beliefs suggests he's at least a little worried...And he might have good reasons to worry."
(O'Toole moves to shake off the Trumpian taint, Wherry, CBC)

“Communities that have thoughtfully...examined the darker chapters of Canadian history are providing a good model for reimagining our commemorative landscape–despite [O'Toole's] campaign of resistance to change.”
(Randy Boswell, iPolitics)

“...more voters remain unconvinced and increasingly doubtful…”
(Shachi Kurl, Ottawa Citizen) 

“Erin O’Toole just announced that he has no principles.”
(John Robson, National Post)

Erin O’Toole hasn’t done much to impress. Canadians are seeing through his pretty words – and haven’t forgotten the damage he and the Conservatives have already done – and would continue to do.

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