Conservative O'Toole Would Help The 1% And Leave Your Family Behind

April 08, 2021

Conservative O'Toole Would Help The 1% And Leave Your Family Behind

Our country is facing a devastating one-two punch from the pandemic straining our health care system and a slow and extended economic recovery. Canadian families are struggling.  

Yet Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives have failed to propose any real solutions to help our families through these crises. 

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Conservatives have a long history of using pretty words and making empty promises to gain power. But in government, they build an economy that benefits the 1% most of all. 

Erin O’Toole will say anything to gain power.

When O’Toole first ran for the Conservative leadership, he claimed to be a moderate. Then he ran again, declaring he was a “true blue” Conservative, courting the far-right of his party in order to win power. 

Now, as Conservative leader, he’s trying to tell Canadians yet another story. 

It’s clear Erin O’Toole will say anything to try and win power. And he’s desperately hoping people don’t look at the Conservatives’ record and discover it’s always middle- and low-income families like theirs who end up paying the price. 

The reality is that Erin O’Toole is a typical Conservative. And Conservatives in power mean policies that put big corporations and their wealthy friends first – and leave working families like yours behind. 

Conservatives’ Economic Legacy. 

What does a Conservative government really mean for you? Examining a decade of Conservative government policies paints a clear picture:

- A slower and weaker economic recovery 

- Tax unfairness and economic inequity grows

- Giveaways to the rich and cuts to vital public services, like health care

- Women bear the brunt of backwards policies

- The 1% come first – while everyday families get left behind

Today, that means electing an O’Toole Conservative government would put your family’s finances at risk.

Conservatives in power means a slower economic recovery. 

In 2008, instead of focusing on helping Canadian families struggling from the effects of the Great Recession, a newly re-elected Conservative government delivered a Fiscal Update that imposed service cuts and austerity. 

Only after their government’s very survival was threatened were they eventually forced to take some action. But what they did was limited and short-sighted. 

In fact, the Harper Conservatives “presided over the weakest economic era in Canada’s postwar history.” 

If implemented today, Conservative policies would mean a slower and longer economic recovery – and harder times for Canadian families. 

Conservative policies mean more tax unfairness. 

Conservatives handed out huge tax breaks to profitable businesses and their friends at the top. This meant that while big businesses paid less taxes, more of the tax burden was shifted onto the backs of everyday Canadians. Two Mulroney-era economic experts said that Conservative “fantasy economics…accomplished nothing for the economy” and “certainly didn’t contribute to tax fairness.” 

Tax giveaways to the 1% means huge cuts to vital public services, like health care. 

Time and again – nationally and provincially – we have seen Conservatives choose to pay for their tax giveaways with cuts to vital services like health care. 

Conservatives “deliberately starved the ability of this government” to pay for public services and families like yours ended up paying the price through things like “a crippling $36 billion dollars” cut from provincial health transfers.  

Women bear the brunt of Conservative policies.

As women are more responsible for families’ finances, backwards Conservative economic policies impact women most of all. 

Erin O’Toole supported budget cuts to groups fighting gender-based economic inequality and cuts to women’s centres. He helped Conservatives turn “women’s safety and rights into a political game” and “stigmatized a specific population of Canadians.” 

So while Erin O’Toole now talks about reaching out to women, the fact is he routinely supported backwards, anti-women Conservatives policies.

The 1% come first – while everyday families are left behind.

O’Toole loves to talk about helping families, but the Conservatives’ track record shows how middle- and low-income families see little of the benefits. 

Indeed, “what gains there have been from the Canadian economy get larger the higher you go up the income spectrum.” 

Under the Conservatives, the income share of the richest 1% rose to the second largest in post-war Canadian history while household family debt grew to the worst.

In other words, Conservatives downloaded government debt onto your family. And Erin O’Toole is now promising you more of these same policies. 

An O’Toole government would put you family’s finances at risk.

In difficult times like these, Canadians look to the federal government to stimulate the economy and help families survive. But Conservative Erin O’Toole has a different approach in mind. 

O’Toole would have dealt with the pandemic crisis very differently. He said he would have given more help to businesses and less to everyday families. 

Now, he’s promising a Conservative government would actually cut spending. History shows us that this means cuts to public services like health care, employment insurance and other vital services your family relies on in times of need. 

Don’t let Conservatives put your family’s financial situation at risk. It’s the worst possible time to give Erin O’Toole control over our economy or our health care system.