VIDEO: Hazardous To Your Health Care

Conservative O’Toole would cut our health care at the worst possible time.

January 25, 2021


In the throes of a pandemic, we’ve never needed support for Canadian healthcare more. Yet Conservative Erin O’Toole voted for a $36 billion cut to your healthcare - at the worst possible time. 

To make things worse, he’s endorsing Alberta’s Conservative COVID response, a plan to cut 11,000 health care workers. If Conservative cuts like these continue, there will be tens of thousands of health care layoffs across Canada. 

Then who will care for you and your family? 

These cuts are evidence that O’Toole and Conservatives can’t be trusted to protect our health care.  

Your healthcare is at risk. O’Toole and Conservatives are hazardous to your health at the worst possible time.