Who is Erin O’Toole?

Erin O’Toole wants us to think he’s a new kind of Conservative. But when it comes to cutting public health care or giving tax breaks to his Bay Street friends, that’s not what the facts say. Who really is Erin O’Toole?

  1.  O'Toole voted to cut $36 billion from our health care system.
     As a Harper MP, he voted to cut funding for public health care and vital social supports while handing out billions in tax breaks to the wealthy 1%.
  2.  O’Toole believes it was a mistake to help struggling families with CERB.
     He said the government was “entirely wrong” to help millions of laid-off workers and the money should have gone to businesses instead.

  3.  O’Toole praised Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s handling of the crisis – and they are cutting 11,000 health workers.
     Kenny and O’Toole are old friends — they worked together as cabinet ministers for Harper. It’s no surprise O’Toole could lead Canada down the same disastrous path.
  4.  O’Toole was a Bay Street lawyer before he became a politician.
     He says he’s a man of the people, but the truth is Erin O’Toole was a corporate lawyer defending big businesses before turning to politics.

Erin O’Toole supported massive cuts to our health care system while handing out tax breaks to his rich friends. Canadians need to know who Erin O’Toole really is, because it’s the worst possible time for Conservative cuts to our health care.