The truth about Erin O’Toole

He’s a Bay Street lawyer, in it for the rich and powerful

January 20, 2021

Erin O’Toole spent years as a Bay Street lawyer for the wealthy and big corporations. When he got elected, he voted for cuts to public health care, tax giveaways for the 1%, and austerity for everyday Canadians. 

That’s a pretty damning track record, which shows exactly who he’s sticking up for. Even now, O’Toole and the Conservatives want to give more support to big business and less to everyday people. 

And in the middle of a global pandemic, that record is downright hazardous to our health care. At the worst possible time. 

If you want to know exactly what Conservatives do when times are tough, just look at what happened in 2008. During a massive fiscal crisis, they imposed austerity measures and mass cuts to the public services hardworking people rely on. 

It’s the Conservative way. 

O’Toole’s buddy Doug Ford promised to govern “for the people.” And then passed tax cuts to enrich the 1% while firing nurses and cutting health funding. 

Jason Kenney passed huge tax cuts for the wealthy and profitable corporations. And then slashed health care funding and laid-off thousands of health care workers. 

Can you trust Erin O’Toole to look out for you? To fight for your family and the public health care you need at this critical moment in our country’s history? Not based on Erin O’Toole’s track record. 

Erin O’Toole will look out for the rich and powerful — just like he has before. Just like Conservatives always do.